State Survey and Mapping and Geographic Information Council

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He suggested,State Review and Planning and Geographic Data Board Articles ought to zero in on to consider changing the accompanying: First, add a section on “Geographic Data Security and Application”; alter Looking over and Planning Part 7 insurance of study marks; adjust the Reviewing and Planning Regulation Part VIII Legitimate Liability; is to advance the enlistment the reasons for reviewing and planning division framework. The Li Peng Germany to the Overall Gathering “on at the earliest opportunity to further develop planning geographic data the executives framework proposition,” “on reinforcing the north and south pole reviewing and planning and geographic data assets development proposition,” “fortify our Earth imaging bound together administrative proposition,” “quickly

CPPCC Standing Panel, Bad habit Executive of Hunan Territory, Hunan Commonplace Division appointee chief Yang Weigang submitted improve remote detecting pictures to get the co-ordinated administration and administration proposition. In the proposition, he said that the obtaining and utilization of remote detecting pictures, there are numerous issues, featuring the accompanying three viewpoints: Initial, countless monetary assets for the acquisition of unfamiliar satellite remote detecting pictures; The second is to rehash buy and handling of monetary assets bringing about an Satellite mapping extremely squander; limit the sharing of unfamiliar satellite remote detecting pictures is the copyright. He recommended that to work on the viability of the utilization of public funds, and assets sharing of aviation remote detecting pictures, at the earliest opportunity to lay out the Public Flying and Space remote detecting picture securing, handling and administration co-appointment system, by the Focal Office to help clear public reviewing and planning coordinated administration elements of the division of aviation remote detecting pictures of geographic data, drove by the Public Planning Geographic Data Chamber, the pertinent divisions to take part, set up a remote detecting picture Asset The executives Co-ordinating Panel to co-ordinate to decide the public monetary interest in ethereal photography and satellite remote detecting picture membership plan, for by the State Planning Geographic Data Office be liable for picture procurement, handling and dissemination administrations.

CPPCC Public Panel part, previous boss designer of the Public Geomatics Focus of China Li in “to accelerate the recomm